Frequently Asked Questions

A Bernedoodle is a cross between Bernese Mt x Poodle.
An Australian Bernedoodle is a Bernese Mt Dog x Australian Labradoodle.
A Teddy Bear Bernedoodle is also known as a Multi Generation Bernedoodle.

Big Standard – 68cm – 75cm / 35kg – 45kg

Standard – 58cm – 67cm / 24kg – 35kg

Medium – 46cm – 57cm / 15kg – 23kg

Mini – 30cm – 45cm / 5kg – 14kg

Bernedoodles are the perfect companion for people with allergies.
Every Bernedoodle has a different coat from Unfurnished, Fleece and Wool – all low to non-shedding.
However some people can be allergic to the saliva of a dog.

At Bernedoodles Australia we pride ourselves on providing the best genetically sound puppies possible.
All parents have a clear DNA genetic disease profile, are hip and elbow x-rayed/scored by a specialist.
We also import from Canada and USA from the best fully tested lines.

All our breeding dogs live in a loving home with their hand picked Guardian families. We love our holistic approach to our Guardian Program, as I believe that every single dog deserves a loving family. Our dogs sleep on someone’s bed, are raised around children and are an integral part of a loving family.
Dogs should NEVER live in a kennelled environment.

Our puppies are all born in our wonderful home environment with enrichment and socialisation from day one. They have constant interaction with other animals and children. We love them to be exposed to the every day sounds and environment of a normal household, with loads of love and attention.

DO NOT take your puppy out until 10 days post 2nd vaccination. Your puppy has minimal immunity to diseases like parvo until they are vaccinated.

Because we have over 30 years breeding experience we classified as VIP Members with Jetpets, their team and vets. We have our own consultant who is able to accommodate all our needs and make sure our puppies get the VIP treatment.

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