Here at Bernedoodles Australia we take pride in breeding the highest quality,
trainable, low to non-shedding Bernedoodle, Australian Bernedoodle and Aussie Mountain Doodle companions.

Due to the high demand we only open waiting lists
when we have a confirmed pregnancy.

We only open waiting lists once we have a confirmed pregnancy.

Therefore we encourage you to follow our Facebook page: Bernedoodles Australia.

Facebook Is the only place we will open and take names for our waiting list.

If you are one of the lucky ones to be on our waiting list, once pups are born we will send you a group photo.
At around 4 weeks of age we take individual photos where you will be given the opportunity to choose your puppy.
We will send fortnightly photos and updates there after.

We totally understand how exciting it is to meet your puppy in person, HOWEVER due to high biosecurity risk mum and pups are in quarantine until 10 days post 1st vaccination – which unfortunately only works out to be 2-3 days prior to pick up.

Then you are more than welcome to visit your pup.

Bernedoodles Australia has the puppies health as our number one priority and we thank you for your understanding.

Stories from our puppies new families...

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